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Is your child looking to do what it takes to become a ballerina? 

Are you a teen serious about dancing and need help progressing to intermediate/advanced levels?

Are you an adult dancer looking to improve your alignment and technique?

~ Don't wish for it. Work for it! ~

Private ballet lessons might be the right fit for you!

Having one-on-one lessons will provide you with the personalized attention you need.

Hourly Rate:

In-person Single Lesson $70

In-person Weekly Recurring Lesson* $60

Virtual Lesson $50

*For weekly/recurring students. Must paid full by the first lesson of each month.

$10 fee for rescheduling your class via my calendly with in 30 days.

Here are two easy steps to book your in-person and virtual private lesson appointments with me.

Step 1: Check my availability and make your reservation via Calendly.

 Go to Calendly 

Step 2: Make your payment within 24 hours of your reservation.

Your appointment is only effective upon receipt of payment.

I accept Zelle (, PayPal (balletpeepsnyc) or Venmo (@balletpeepsnyc) 

Please contact me if you have any questions.

 Email Hope 

I respectfully request at least 24 hour notice for cancellations and rescheduling of appointments.

Please read my cancellation/rescheduling policy below. Looking forward to dance with you :)



🩰 Early Cancellation 🩰

 If you cancel your appointment 24 hours before your meeting time, you will be credited 100%.

🩰 Late Cancellation 🩰

 If you cancel your appointment with less than 24 - 3 hours notice, you will be credited 50% of your lesson rate.

🩰 Last minute Cancellation 🩰

If you cancel your appointment with less than 3-0 hours notice, you will be charged 100% of your lesson rate.

In order to ensure the quality of instruction, we are currently NOT accepting new student until September 2023.
Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in taking ballet lesson with us in the future.


Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) is an innovative body-conditioning and strengthening program that has been designed to enhance students' technique by focussing on training the muscle memory required in each exercise in all forms of dance. It is a unique training system using ballet-technique specific exercises to train skill acquisition in a graded and progressive manner from junior through to advanced levels. PBT helps teachers around the world prepare their students to receive the strength they need to achieve their personal best.

The program helps with injury prevention and rehabilitation and enhances the ability of athletes to perform at their best. It can be difficult for students to feel which muscles initiate the correct alignment in training. However, with the use of an exercise ball, the students gain a great sense of posture and weight-placement whilst feeling each correct muscle group working throughout each exercise, which then stays with them when whilst performing in dance or their chosen field of sport.

PBT focuses on core strength, weight placement and alignment of the body with a gradual approach of carefully designed exercises and repetitions of these exercises that trigger their muscle memory. The program is designed with safe dance methodology to promote a long, healthy career and is now being taught by over 4000+ certified teachers worldwide and over 3500 schools globally have added PBT classes in their curriculum for students.

PBT is not only a program to improve technique in ballet dancers, it is now being appreciated and incorporated in training by all forms of dancers, athletes, physiotherapists and even footballers!

Learn more at PBT official website


Created by Boris Kniaseff in 1953 as a way to cope with the absence of barres in his studio. He took the ballet barre exercises and adapted them to be executed on the floor. You will perform ballet movements sitting and laying on back, stomach and sometimes on the side.

Key benefit of Floor Barre:

~ Finding proper placement

~ Engage core stability

~ Improve turnout

~ Building strength for extensions

~ Increase range of motion

~ Improve mobility and flexibility

~ Strong supporting leg

~ Enhance coordination

Floor barre is also one of the best choices for injured dancers who need to avoid weight bearing exercises, but want to stay in shape during recovery.

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